Two Outbursts of “Hallelujah!” in Unlikely but Entirely Appropriate Places

We are more accustomed to hearing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus in churches and concert halls.  And we are even more accustomed to its audiences being self-selected – that is, the audience attends precisely because it wants to hear this music.

How wonderful then that these two videos (both occurred in Christmas season 2010) were at a department store and food court respectively, and that the audiences were entirely surprised by it all.  Would that there were even more spontaneous outbursts of praise to our God Jesus Christ!  Rather than calling it a “random act of culture” (as the signs had it near the end of the first video), let us call it a “random act of righteousness,” or a “random act of praise,” or a “random act of sanity.”  Whether by such a majestic choral composition or by the humble spoken words of a single individual, and whether in a grand concert hall or in the everyday places that we live our lives, glorifying our Creator and Redeemer is simply the right thing to do.

Let all the earth praise Him and let us praise Him in every place, for He is our God and we are His people!

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