I began publishing “dialogues” on this blog today.  Initially, there are four of them.  Three with atheists who challenge my message and one with Christians who challenge it.  The dialogues with the three atheists are ongoing.  The one with the two Christians occurred several months ago and is concluded.  Other dialogues may be added over time.

I hasten to add that I don’t like using labels like “atheist” and “Christian” because they can cubbyhole and divide people.  Therefore, I don’t really look at the individuals with whom I’m conversing through these lenses.  I just use them to help organize the content on the site to help people find their way to content that interests them.  Therefore, “atheist” in this context is simply a way of saying that the dialogue is based on someone challenging my reasons for having faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible.  “Christian” in this context means someone is challenging my position when it departs from traditional church-based Christianity.  The “Dialogues with Atheists,” therefore, are usually about who Jesus was while “Dialogues with Christians” are usually about what Jesus teaches.  Thus, to help you find discussions which are relevant to you interests I use these categories.  However, I eschew all such labels for people and consider us all part of the same human race – the one for whom Christ died.

All these dialogues are civil arguments, conversational debates.  If we all communicate truthfully with, and respectfully toward, each other, we will all learn from each other.  And those who read the exchanges will learn as well.  May the best ideas (that is, the truth of God) prevail – regardless of how many of us get to utter a piece of it.

The first three Dialogues with Atheists are Dialogue with Ken, Dialogue with Willy, and Dialogue with Rob.

The first Dialogues with Christians is Dialogue with Don and Robert.

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