Introduction to Professor Larry Hurtado

Larry W. Hurtado (Wikipedia profile; Theopedia profile) is professor of New Testament Language, Literature, and Theology at The University of Edinburgh Scotland. His research focus is early Christianity, and particularly early Christian devotion to Jesus.

This soft-spoken American scholar provides significant insight into how quickly after the resurrection the New Testament community regarded Jesus as a divine figure. Contrary to the notion that the worship of Jesus was the result of a long evolutionary process, his work reveals that recognition of Jesus’ superhuman status came with explosive awareness in the aftermath of His resurrection appearances and ascension into heaven.

Professor Hurtado has a blog which carries lists of his work as well as his comments on his subject area of interest. He will even answer questions but he prefers that people read his work before asking. This is understandable since he’d have to take the time to re-type things he’s already written. You can also find video of him on YouTube. Here’s a ten-minute clip that will not only introduce you to his style, but also give you an appreciation of the focus of his work: early devotion to Jesus.