“Repent, and Follow Jesus Christ Our Lord!” with Each of the Words Defined

Repent, and follow Jesus Christ our Lord!”  Here are each of those words defined according to their use in this sentence:

Repent – turn, change, look to; forsake sin to pursue moral purity and integrity

and – don’t merely turn, change direction, look to

follow – trust, watch, imitate, obey, go along with, lean on, attach yourself to, believe

Jesus – Jesus of Nazareth as described in the New Testament (and prophesied in the Old Testament)

Christ – the Messiah of Israel as described in the Old Testament (and confirmed in the New Testament)

our – the entire human race (i.e. ignore all divisions between Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, agnostics, and so on)

Lord – God, ultimate authority, the great invisible One, omniscient One, omnipresent One, omnipotent One

! – This statement is the most important one I have ever uttered, or will ever utter in this life.  I soberly and solemnly dedicate my life to it.

This message is first and foremost for Christians.  Yes, Christians need to repent.  We have been following each other too long instead of following Him.  And there is much more to say about Him than this!  If you’re interested, see this expanded introduction to Him.

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