Can We Trust the Gospels? (Notes from Sean McDowell and Mike Licona)

Sean McDowell writes [August 21, 2015:  Sean McDowell’s article is no longer availabe online.]  on Mike Licona‘s notes from his debate with Bart Ehrman.

Four specific objections to the resurrection of Christ were raised and answered:

  • “The Gospels are forgeries.”
  • “The Gospels are biased.”
  • “The Bible is full of contradictions.”
  • “The Gospels are written 35-65 years after the life of Jesus.”

Sean ends his post with a link to a site where Mike answers these four objections in a little more detail on video.  While that site (it’s the site of Mike’s employer) does have helpful information, I could not find the four videos there.  I did, however, find them here (on Mike’s personal web site).  Once you get to the site, click on “Videos” and then scroll down until you see “Answering Bart Ehrman.”

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