Dialogue with “Common Sense Atheism” (re: the Resurrection of Christ)

I recently engaged in an exchange about the resurrection of Christ with folks at the Common Sense Atheism site hosted by Luke Muehlhauser.  The dialogue followed in the wake of Luke’s post Why the Resurrection Is Unbelievable (part 1).  Note that there were many other exchanges taking place in the comment stream as well, so you have to selectively view my comments and responses to them.

I found the same general paucity of evidence or logic for assertions that the New Testament is an unreliable historical record there that I’ve been finding at my post I Invite You to Challenge Me at My Most Vulnerable Point.  However, you should judge for yourself.  Here again is the link (I show up in the comments as “Mike Gantt”).

2 Replies to “Dialogue with “Common Sense Atheism” (re: the Resurrection of Christ)”

  1. Search for “wright” on this blog and you’ll see several post that make reference to him.

    In short, I love it when he proclaims Christ from the Scriptures, but I part company when he promotes the church. Churchgoing and all that goes with it pollutes the gospel of Christ.

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