Dialogue with “ExChristian.Net” (re: Heaven and Hell)

Last month I came across a post called “Hell – Roots” on a site called ExChristian.net.  I thought this provided a good opportunity to tell the news of how everyone is going to heaven.  I was confirming the thesis of the post – which was that an eternal afterlife of hell was not something people needed to worry about.  I was thus taken by surprise at the hostility toward my message. 

The tone of the dialogue is decidedly less edifying than that of Dialogue with “Common Sense Atheism” that I posted earlier today.  In fact, so upset were they with my message that they banned me from the site.  Thus I was responding to various challenges when I found the comment mechanism inoperable for me and saw the pop-up “You have been banned from commenting on this site,” or something to that effect.

While this experience was jarring, I attribute it to the fact that it is a site intended for proselytizing.  That is, they are welcoming “de-converted Christians” and don’t want anyone making comments that might interfere with that process.  While I don’t consider that attitude wise, it does make their action rational. 

It interests me to juxtapose in my mind this dialogue with the Dialogue with Don and Robert (re: Heaven and Hell).  In both cases, you have people rejecting the idea that everyone is going to heaven on the basis that it is not true.  The former – atheists – believe it’s not true because they don’t believe anyone is going.  The latter – Christians – believe it’s not true because they believe only they are going. 

I would have thought a group of exChristians (or at least some of them) would be interested in the idea that they could reject what was wrong with modern-day Christianity without having to reject what was right with it (that is, hold on to the baby of Christ and throw out the bath water of churchianity).  I learned something.  Here then is that conversation (I show up in the comments as “mdgantt”).

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