My Conversion to Christ Did Not Come in a Great Flash of Light

My conversion to Jesus Christ did not come in a blaze of flashing light.  It was a gradually dawning.  There were multiple moments when I saw something I had not seen before.  There were even a few times when such a moment could be called a brief flash of insight.  The point is that there were a succession of periodic alterations in my consciousness which came in the context of my reading the Bible – not one great dramatic moment of 180-degree turning.

Here are a few of the individual enlightenments I can recall coming my way.  (I started reading the Bible in my late 20’s as an agnostic.  I was expecting to experience of classic of literature I had missed in my education.  I was not expecting any religious experience whatsoever.  This will explain my first insight.)

Reading the book of Ecclesiastes, I was surprised by how accurately it described the ennui of modern life.  (How could the ancients have known about that?)

Reading Paul’s letter to the Galatians, I was surprised by how his characterization of Jesus Christ cut through all the religious dogma I’d ever heard about Him.

Reading the New Testament, I was surprised at the congruity of a message emanating from 27 different documents written by different people at different times for different purposes.  And the central message was the centrality of Jesus Christ to all of life.

There were many more such gradual turning points.  I probably can’t even identify them all now, especially since I’d be reaching back over 30 years for some of them (the three I mention above were among the earliest). 

My experience in learning about Christ has for the most part been the same as my experience for learning anything in life.  I move from ignorance to knowledge in halting, indefinitely-timed steps.

I am still being converted to Him today for I will see some truth about Him that I had never seen before, or at least had not seen as clearly.  My fondest hope is that I will continue to learn things about Him in all the remaining days of my life.  I suppose I would have been blinded by the accumulated light of all that He has shown me of Himself had He shown it all at once.  But if you see His light faster than I did, I certainly won’t begrudge you.  Godspeed!

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