The 1976 Michigan State University PhD. Dissertation of Gary Habermas on the Resurrection of Christ

Nick Norelli of Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth has recently posted a link to Gary Habermas‘ doctoral dissertation at Michigan State on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Habermas approach is scholarly rather than religious.  For example, he draws on the academic disicplines of science, philosophy, and history.  The conclusion is a matter of probabilities.  Here’s a snippet of Nick’s review where he begins to outline the Habermas dissertation:

The main format consists of an investigation of three possible intellectual approaches to the resurrection. The first possibility is that this even did not occur literally at all. The second possibility is that it did occur, but that it cannot be demonstrated as such. The third possibility is that the resurrection did occur literally and that it can be demonstrated. It is extremely important to note here that the word “demonstrate” is not used as a synonym for “absolute proof” in this study. To believe that the resurrection can be demonstrated is this a reference to probabilities–that the resurrection is the most probably conclusion in light of the factual evidence.

Dr. Habermas has made scholarly study of the resurrection his lifelong research project.  For more resources from him, see his web site.

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