Do Historians Believe Jesus Existed?

Historians – whether conservative or liberal, whether believing or unbelieving – are apparently united in their conviction that Jesus existed.  Why then do we see people on the Internet saying that He did not exist or we cannot know whether He existed?  Such people are not thumbing their nose at believers; they are thumbing their nose at historians, evidence, and the historical method – the sorts of things upon which they claim to rely.


2 Replies to “Do Historians Believe Jesus Existed?”

  1. You can’t even account for your own seeming appearance here, and yet you and all these righteous dudes presume to know so much about the “historical” Jesus.

    Even to account for the appearance of the body-mind complex that you now identify with you would have to account for how/why the ENTIRE history of the Cosmos altogether (with all of its space-time paradoxes) somehow coalesced to “create” your body-mind complex.

    And yet you presume to “know” so much about Jesus.

    Who, when, where, why and what was Jesus?
    Who, when, where, why and and what are you?
    Is there any “you” apart and separate from the totality of all and All that is mysteriously arising as an Indivisible seamless totality in each and every moment?

    1. Who, when, where, why and what was Jesus?

      He is the Savior of the world as presented in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

      (Of all the questions you asked, this one seemed the most relevant and practical. Therefore, it’s the one I chose to answer.)

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