My Experience with De-Converts from Christianity

In recent months I have had exposure to numerous atheists and agnostics who have deconverted from Christianity.  As a rule, I have found them to be just that – de-converted from Christianity (or some form of it) rather than deconverted from Christ.

Another way of stating this is that these people have de-converted from social Christianity rather than spiritual Christianity (for the difference, which is vast, see Spiritual Christianity Versus Social Christianity).  What passes for Christianity today in fundamentalist and evangelical churches really amounts to Churchianity (see The Curse of Churchianity).   That is, instead of pursuing the kingdom of God – as Jesus taught we should – Christians are pursuing the kingdom of church.  The two ideas are completely opposed to each other.

When today’s generation of Christian adults were children, they were taught the precepts of Churchianity – not the precepts of Jesus Christ our Lord.  As a result, it is not surprising that many of them – upon leaving the nest – find social groups more to their liking.  In fact, I’m surprised there aren’t more de-converts from the idolatry of church.   

By contrast, Jesus Christ gives no reason to de-convert.  He is faithful.  He is the mighty God and humanity’s greatest friend.  Oh, how I love Him so!

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  1. By and large this has been my experience as well. However, not across the board. I meet some from time to time that I believe did know the Lord and have for one reason or another gotten caught up in New Atheism. These I believe are still very open to Jesus, but were looking for greater experience with Him, but did not know of the message of the Kingdom. I try not to paint any “de-convert” or atheist the same. They each have a special story.

    I must say I greatly applaud their tenacity for authenticity and substance. They do not want pat answers, well formed doctrines, they want the real Jesus to please stand up. Some say they have non-belief rather than disbelief. For many they really are at this place of holding back belief until they really experience the reality of Jesus. For others it is just an argument.

    The Gospel of the Kingdom is being preached and it is coming to the forefront as the Church of this age comes to the experiential realization that it truly is all about Jesus. I think atheism will not be so popular when miracles, signs, and wonders increase outside the walls of the Church.

  2. De converted from Christianity? the Bible calls them backsliders.
    I truly think it is wrong to refer to these backsliders and deserters from the army of God as deconverters.
    But God bless you anyway!

      1. Of course not all turn to Jesus so how could you think all will go to heaven? After my evening meal I will read your Everyone is Going to Heaven blog and will probably comment on it.

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