Crystal Lewis Says Universalism Is Not a Bad Word

Crystal S. Lewis writes the blog Diary of a Christian Universagnosticostal.  In my most recent post here, I made reference to her series of posts on “Hell.”

Crystal has also written a post titled Should Universalism Be a Dirty Word? to which I commend you.  [Ed. note April 4, 2014: I can no longer find this page on her site, which is why the link is lined through as broken.]  She later posted Websites & Blogs About Christian Unitarian Universalism which obviously offers resources on the subject.

I hasten to add that I am not affiliated with Crystal or any of the organizations she lists on her posts.  Nor are you likely to find me supporting everything she or any of them teach – or vice versa.  Nevertheless, I thought you might find some of these resources helpful, particularly as they show universalism to be not nearly as uncommon a view among Christians as you might suppose.

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