Randal Rauser Says Universalism Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Randal Rauser is Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton. He’s an evangelical Christian who holds to the traditional heaven-or-hell scenario. However, I think his views are quite interesting, and you might feel similarly. His blog is called The Tentative Apologist. A recent post of his was titled Universalism isn’t a four-letter word.  [Ed. note April 4, 2014:  I had originally had this title hyper-linked the the Christian Post page where this post was located.  However, they seem to be no longer maintaining this page so I removed the link.  Alas, the comments that were there seem to be gone with the page.  Sorry.]

Because his blog is published by The Christian Post, you can also find this post here (the comments will be different, of course – which is why I’m providing this link in addition to the other one).  In a response to a comment, Randal points out that church father Gregory of Nyssa (335-394), among other famous theologians, taught universalism.

Here are some follow-up posts he wrote on universalism (all the links are to his own blog, The Tentative Apologist):

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How exclusive should Christianity be?

Revelation 5:9 and Inclusive Salvation

5 Replies to “Randal Rauser Says Universalism Is Not a Four-Letter Word”

  1. Once you believe in a God of love, acceptance, forgiveness, peace, purpose, and power, you become the image of that God. Unfortunately, many people are dead in adam (carnal ignorant thinking) and are worshipping their Ego (satan) which is the father of all lies, and so they create horrible things out of the depths of their own ignorance, and they become the vengeful, biased, greedy image of the god their carnal mind worships (their ignorant ego) – In any event, it’s all part of the process and we all come to the knowledge of the truth and the stature of the perfect man Christ. Great topic, more people should simply as God, (who is the Savior of all mankind) if God saves mankind… But the question should really be, what are we saved from? – The answer is simple, Our Ego’s and our Ignorance, OUR DEATH! Peace to you and yours, Jacob

  2. “If we are faithless, he will remain faithful. If we deny him, he cannot deny himself.”

    This is a stern warning, not a warm comfort. He will remain faithful to his character — namely, that of a just and holy God. And if we deny him, then he won’t bend the rules — he will not deny his character. He will mete out justice.

    This is not a biblical case for universalism.

    1. You are right that God is just and holy. And you are right that He will mete out justice. But you are wrong to insist that He must torment human beings forever in order to be just and holy and to mete out justice. God is wise and is able to make sure that every one of us reaps just what we have sown, yet doing it all in the context of earth and heaven. Your conception of God is too small; your view of His wisdom and power, too dim.

      You have taken the words of 2 Timothy 2:13 and eviscerated them of their meaning. For what “faithfulness” torments an object of its faithfulness? A faithful mother loves her child forever. A faithful Creator does not rest until His creation is fully redeemed. The good shepherd does not leave the 99 that he might go kill the missing sheep. On the contrary, he does not rest until he brings back the missing on to the flock.

      Jesus Christ is greater than we have been giving Him credit for being!

  3. Hi, I am from Australia.
    But what and where is the “kingdom of god”?
    And how does one thus live in the “kingdom”?
    This reference gives a unique answer.


    We live in a time when all of the Sacred Scriptures of the entire Great Tradition of humankind are freely available to anyone with an internet connection.

    And everything about each and every religion too, including all of the inevitable horrors produced by institutionalized state religions . Especially those committed by Islam-ISM and Christian-ISM both of which claim to possess the one true faith/way/revelation, and the active intention to convert the entire world to their self-appointed essentially totalitarian “rulership”.

    How then does one begin to Understand what is truly universal, as distinct from the religious and cultural provincialism that you obviously promote.

    These three references provide the key to the necessary process of transcending ones religious provincialism.




    1. You are not leading people to Jesus and His kingdom; you are leading people away from Him.

      You are proselytizing for a religion of man and therefore doing the very thing you condemn. Indeed, organized religion is fatally flawed, but you are only promoting a new form of organized religion and your web pages reek of self-promotion and pulling in followers for some guru.

      Forsake all that and follow Jesus Christ, Lord of heaven and earth, as He is presented in the Bible. The scriptures have come to us from antiquity when the holy prophets and apostles of the Lord wrote them for us. We do not need new Scriptures.

      Everyone is going to heaven but there is salvation in no one else except Jesus Christ. Turn to Him and seek forgiveness for your sins. He is gracious. He will receive you if you are sincere.

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