Two Other Books About the Completed Second Coming

Readers of my blogs know that I have written Whatever Became of Jesus Christ? which is a biblical case for believing that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is fait accompli.  This expository book is summarized in the post Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again.

There are two other books which also make a scriptural case that Jesus kept His promise to return before His own generation had completely passed away that I would like to mention.  I have not read either of them but I do know the thesis of each book and that they are on the right track though there may be details that vary between them and between each of them and my book.  (There may be many books that make this case; I am offering these two as examples, not as the complete list of such books.)

The first book was written in the 19th Century by James Stuart Russell and is titled The Parousia: A Careful Look at Our Lord’s Second Coming.  You can find the Wikipedia article on Russell here and the on-line version of the book here.

The second book was written in 2009 by Brian L. Martin and is titled Behind the Veil of Moses: Piecing Together the Mystery of the Second Coming.  Here is its Amazon page, and there is a Google Books page for it, too.

Contrary to the assumptions of many, there is ample documentation to the fact that “end-time fever” is not necessary or warranted in our age.  Nonetheless, it is always timely to repent and follow our Lord Jesus Christ.

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