John Lennox Addresses Richard Dawkins’ “Who Designed the Designer?” Challenge

John Lennox answers Richard Dawkins‘ question, “Who Designed the Designer?”

(By the way, my own answer to that challenge would be that Dawkins has misunderstood and therefore misapplied the premise upon which his question is based.  The premise is that where there is design, there must be a designer.  Dawkins then leaps without warrant to say that God must have been a designer.  However, in order to say that, he must first detect design in God.  I dare say he hasn’t done that because no one has ever done it.  Who, in fact, can say that they have seen the design of God?  We have seen the design of human beings.  We have seen the design of animals.  We have seen design throughout physical creation.  But no one has claimed to have seen the design of God.  Therefore, we have no basis for saying God must have a designer.)


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