Professor Larry Hurtado Asks How Jesus Became a God

Here’s a ten-minute video clip of Larry Hurtado speaking academically to the question, “How on earth did Jesus become a god?”  Of course, the answer is laid out for us quite plainly in the New Testament: by virtue of His resurrection from the dead and ascension to the right hand of God in heaven.  You don’t need a PhD. to understand that.

In ancient minds, heaven was the abode of the gods – and Jesus went there after His crucifixion to reign eternally.  This is what distinguished Jesus from every other prophet of Israel and every other human being.  No wonder Dr. Hurtado’s research supports the contention of the Scriptures that Jesus was regarded as divine almost immediately upon His resurrection and ascension – and not, as some scholars say, as an outcome of some long evolutionary process over multiple generations of followers.

Resurrection to heaven was the event that qualified Jesus to be revered as a heavenly being – it’s what He was, and still is…forevermore.


And here’s another clip of Professor Hurtado speaking on this subject.



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