Were All the New Testament Documents Written by 70 AD?

John A.T. Robinson was an Anglican clergyman and New Testament scholar who, much to his own surprise, ultimately concluded that all 27 documents that comprise the New Testament were written between 30 and 70 AD.  His assumption before engaging in the research was that the documents were produced much later than that, and this late dating was indeed commonplace in the liberal circles in which he moved.

For Robinson the telltale evidence was that none of the New Testament documents make reference to the destruction of Jerusalem’s temple in the past tense.  They only prophesy it.

Robinson wrote an account of his research and conclusions in 1976 titled Redating the New Testament.  Amazon reviews of the book can be found here.

Conservative New Testament scholars generally support earlier dating for the New Testament books while liberal scholars generally date them later.  Robinson’s view is significant because it was not one he was predisposed to hold.  In fact, he launched his study as a “joke,” expecting to show the silliness of early dating.

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