“I Take My Refuge” – Chorus

This chorus is taken from Psalms Alive! III, released in 1986 by Maranatha! Music.  It is based on Psalm 11.  I love to hear them belt out the antiphonal line “I take my refuge!”  That’s just how strongly we should feel about the wondrous shelter we find in our Lord Jesus Christ!


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  1. Though there may be one, I do not know a URL that will give you all the lyrics of this album.

    What I can tell you is this:

    The easiest way to find lyrics for any song are to google the word “lyrics” followed by the name of the song – e.g. [lyrics jesus loves me]. This may not succeed for songs with as limited a distribution as the Psalms Alive series.

    That said, the lyrics to the song I linked to above are provided by one of the commenters in the comment stream below the video on YouTube.

    Moreover, Psalms Alive songs are all taken from the Psalms, so you just look up the Psalm number for each song and there you have it. Depending on your translation, the exact wording will vary.

    Good hunting!

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