Isn’t “Godhead” a Clue That Something Is Wrong with the Trinity Idea?

What is “the Godhead?”  I googled the question and found this answer.  The article goes straight into the topic of the Trinity.

It’s common that if you listen to any discussion of the Trinity long enough, the word “Godhead” will come up.  It’s seldom explained; rather, it’s usually intoned piously as if anyone who has any sense at all will already know what it means.  Most people who hear it in such a context are afraid to say what they’re really thinking, which is, “Huh?”  They’re afraid they’ll appear “out of the loop” with theological heavyweights.

Of course, the term “godhead” on its face defies the meaning given it by Trinitarians.  That is, they say three Persons comprise the Godhead.  But how can three heads be a singular head?  Unless the Trinitarians want to say that a person does not have a head.

Maybe if the Trinitarians said “godheads” instead of “godhead” it would better suit their purposes.  You know, “one God, three heads.”  Oh, well; I don’t think they’re going to change.

The origin of the term “Godhead” actually has nothing to do with “head” as this Wikipedia article on it reports.  The term primarily comes to us through the King James version of the Bible where it shows up in three different verses (Acts 17:29; Romans 1:20; Colossians 2:9) even though it’s the translation of a different Greek word in each case –  a recipe for confusion.

Therefore, the term “godhead” is particularly unfortunate because 1) its meaning is not intuitive, 2) its original meaning was unclear to begin with, and 3) its use has been taken over for Trinitarian discourse where it intimidates more than it enlightens.  Besides all this, doesn’t the term just sound monstrous?

At the very least, the term “godhead” ought to be a clue to us that all is not clear in the concept of a Trinity.  And that we therefore need to dive back into the Scriptures to focus on the truth about Christ that God has surely given us, so that we might love and serve Him with a whole heart.

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