The Trinity Concept Says There are Three Persons in One Being

The first thing that a Trinitarian will try to teach you is that the Trinity is three Persons in one Being.

The Trinity proponent is making a distinction between what constitutes a “person” and what constitutes a “being.”  This is a clever way of trying to state that God can be three and one at the same time.  The problem is that this “solution” is not clever enough.

First, the contrast between “person” and “being” comes across as contrived for the sake of convenience.  Moreover, it is manifestly artificial because no one knows of any multiple-person beings anywhere in creation.   (Oh, there is a demon-possessed person, but that’s obviously not a good analogy for God).

Therefore, we’re left with a concept which cannot be logically comprehended nor can any example of its existence be shown from the Bible or even in the universe.

Contrast this with Christ for whom there are manifold types, shadows, figures, patterns, models, and so on – in the Scripture and even in nature.  In fact, the Bible repeatedly teaches Christ in this way.  If God to reveal Christ, who is the image of God, by means of analogies, why do we pay attention to the Trinity concept which is not taught at all this way?

How can the Trinity represent the way God is (i.e. be the image of God) when the Scriptures say that Christ is the way God is (i.e. the image of God)?  Therefore, the doctrine of Christ is the alternative to the doctrine of the Trinity.

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