“He Will Be There for You” – Christian Song

Lyrics are included in this video of He Will Be There for You by 4HIM (1990).  You may recall the song more easily by the words of its chorus, which begin “‘Cause every second of every minute / every minute of every hour / twenty-four hours a day / He will be there for you…”

This song testifies to a most wonderful truth.  However, it’s a truth more people extol than trust.

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  1. “He feels the heartache
    That no one ever sees
    He’s there beside you
    When you’re on your knees
    And he says again (to me and to you)
    There will be no end
    To His love:”
    [Excerpt from the lyrics “He will be there for you” by 4HIM]

    All along He will be around when every candle’s burning down. 😉
    Whenever life plays a plaintive melody, He’ll always be within reach for you and me. 🙂

    There is absolutely no one that knows better how to make your heart beat again when you feel as if you have already died.

    “Oh Lord, pull us out of the deep dark mire and reinspire the spark in our soul with Your fire!”

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