If Churchgoing is Lip Service, Worship of a Trinity Is Its Apex

If churchgoing is the epitome of lip service to Jesus Christ (and it surely is), then worship of a Trinity is its most fevered expression.

Other than rightly stating that Jesus Christ is divine – a truth well deserving attestation – the Trinity concept -is welcome only to those who have no intense urge to obey God but would like it to appear otherwise.  The Trinity is an illogical and unbiblical monstrosity, ill-suited to provoke obedience to God.

For more on the contrast between lip service and true worship (which consists in obedience to the will of God – that is, the keeping of His commandments), see Matthew 15 and Mark 7 as well as Isaiah 29:13 which Jesus quotes in those Matthew and Mark passages.   See also Matthew 23 for more on saying things but not doing them.  See also Romans 12:1-2 which speaks of the true worship of God consisting in the life we live.

True worship is that we love Christ and one another – not put on a show.

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