I Pray for My Country

I pray for myself and my fellow citizens.  Our country’s righteous soul is being tormented by the pleasures to which we have given ourselves.  If hedonism were its own punishment, it would be bad enough.  Alas, it brings consequences even worse.

It is a time for us to repent before our God.  His name is not honored in our land.  Hardly is His name even allowed to be spoken.  It is easier to use His name as a curse without censure that it is to bless in His name without censure.  The mere mention of Jesus Christ in public conversation is considered inappropriate.

Our nation is on a path toward destruction.  Our sins are too shameful to mention, but we must confess abortion, homosexuality, celebration of promiscuity – and, at the root of it all, selfishness by which we each seek to do that which we believe will benefit us the most.  It’s as if the Savior’s example of selflessness has been completely forgotten by us.

On top of it all, we deny our Lord’s presence.  We act as if He’s not here and He doesn’t see.  We are committing all these sins in His face!

Why do we live as if this life is all there is?  We are being judged for every idle word that comes out of our mouths.  Everything in this life is temporary.

Let us live for morality.  Let us live for what really matters.  Let us love our God and then each other.  We must repent!

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