What About Our Debts to God?

The discussions among U.S. government leaders about how and when to raise the country’s debt ceiling have dominated the national news in recent days.  (Here’s just one example of such a news story.)  There is great concern about the nation’s financial debt.

But what about debts to God?  And what about our debts to each other?  In the Lord’s prayer we plead, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” (Matthew 6:12).  These are the debts that should be commanding our attention because the consequences of these debts are determining the course of our lives.

Am I saying that our nation’s debt is an unimportant issue?  No.  I am saying that the debts our Lord taught us to pray about daily are even more important.  Many of us are carrying a debt load that is bringing us down.  Some of us are being crushed beneath the weight.

Forgive others, and ask God to forgive you to the same degree.  If you have outstanding debts to God, it won’t matter if you think you have everyone else paid off.

We Must Repent!

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