“Undercover Boss”

Undercover Boss is a television program in which a senior company executive goes disguised into the company’s workplaces to experience what front-line employees experience.  At the end of this exercise, the executive’s true identity is revealed and employees are rewarded.

Jesus is the most senior person in all of creation.  He came to earth as one of us to experience what we experience.  In the process, He set an example for us.  He demonstrated that life is to be lived by the law of love.

Unlike the television show, Jesus continues to be personally accessible to every single one of us long after His laboring among us.  He is not aloof and removed.  Rather He hears us every time we call upon Him.  And He comes to our aid.

The rewards that Jesus provides to us are enduring.  If we truly believe in His visitation among us, we are transformed by its power.  Unlike the “Undercover Boss,” Jesus remains in our midst – albeit in the spirit, rather than in the flesh.  Let us acknowledge Him…and enjoy His presence.

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