The Trinity Denies the Blessing of Abraham to Jesus

The blessing of Abraham included fatherhood.  What was more central to Abraham’s whole experience with God than his becoming a father against all human odds?

Jesus is undoubtedly a son of Abraham.  In fact, He is the ultimate and most important son of Abraham.  How, therefore, could He be denied the blessing of being a father?

We should also add that the blessing of Abraham was not merely to be a father (great as that blessing is) but was also to be a “father of many nations.”  That’s what the name change from Abram (meaning “exalted father”) to Abraham (meaning “father of many”) was all about (See Genesis 17:1-6).

If Jesus was not the son of Abraham He could not legitimately be the Messiah.  Since He is obviously the son of Abraham and the only legitimate Messiah, why then tolerate a doctrine (i.e. the Trinity) which forever deprives Him of the Abrahamic blessing of being called “Father”?

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