God Died and Was Raised as Christ

God the Father made all the preparations necessary for the Messiah to reign.  All of Messiah’s sufferings and all of His glories were laid out in the Scriptures of the prophets.  With this predetermined plan in place, God descended from His lofty throne to be conceived in the womb of a humble woman of Palestine who was betrothed to a humble man of Palestine – both descendants of King David of Israel.  God Himself would be the Messiah.

From that point on, the written word of God as inspired by the Holy Spirit through God’s prophets determined the outcome.  The sufferings of Christ would cease with His resurrection, which would be only the beginning of His glories.  Those glories will never end and all creation will worship Him for all eternity.

There is a continuity to God through this story and the Trinity idea blocks it from view.  See Christ as the resurrected God (John 12:24) – not just Christ from His glories onward, but Christ in the totality of His sufferings and glories.

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