The Creator God Became the Redeemer God

The Creator God became the Redeemer God when God the Father became Jesus of Nazareth.  A human being is the combination of a spirit and a body (James 2:16).  In the case of Jesus of Nazareth, the spirit was God’s.

God the Almighty made Himself the smallest He could be – a human being.  This was, however, just the beginning of a process that would result in His becoming God and Father once again.  For this human being would grow in the womb of a descendant of David, be born, grow up, preach and teach, work miracles, suffer, be crucified to death, and be raised from the dead three days later.  Forty days after that He would ascend into heaven.  Within a generation He would take the throne of a new heavens and new earth.  Thus the Creator God became the Redeemer God.  Thus the Father who created all became the Father we know as Jesus Christ – one God through it all.

Do not merely know God as He was – know Him as He is: Jesus Christ our Lord.

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