Christ Is the Resurrection of God

God wanted a resurrection for Himself as well as for all of creation.

Sin had spoiled the perfection of His work.  He was not content to let that stand.  He was patient and long-suffering.  He painstakingly planned a way that creation could be re-ordered.

God Himself would give up His exalted place and come to live as a human being.  Though His human life would end cruelly in the form of rejection and crucifixion, He would rise from the dead on the third day.  And He would never die again.  Never again.

This new state allowed God to re-order all the rest of creation under Himself in a new way.  No longer would humanity sit below angels – it would be the other way around.

The history of Christ is not just the story of the resurrection of a man – it’s the story of the resurrection of God Himself.  God was in Christ the whole time.  Hidden in the moment, but revealed in eternity.

Blessed be the God who became Christ for our sakes.

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