That God Let Jesus Die Should Have Told Us Something

Anyone who knew anything about the God of Israel would have been utterly shocked that God did not save Jesus from death on the cross.  In fact, that was the convincing proof to so many Jews and God-fearing Gentiles that Jesus was not the Messiah – that God did not deliver Him from the cross.  Israel had a long and illustrious history of God vindicating those who spoke in His name – usually with miracles which amazed.  That He wouldn’t exercise them on behalf of the Messiah was unthinkable.

That God did not deliver from death someone so righteous and faithful as Jesus should have told us that there was something very special going on.  It was the end of something profound.  More precisely, it was the beginning of the end of the old covenant.  God was doing a new thing: a new covenant.  And He was the one in Christ doing it.

That is, God was no longer in the sky looking for a righteous and faithful one on earth to deliver – He was the one on the cross.

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