Let’s Live for the One Who Died and Rose Again on Our Behalf

Who is the One who died and rose again on our behalf?  God.  (2 Corinthians 5:15)

But someone will say, “Wasn’t it Christ who matched that description?”  The answer is, “Yes, God died and rose again on our behalf as Christ.”  (Christ is a type of God, and particularly so because Christ was God.)

God died to His former life as Creator and Lord of Israel that He might become Redeemer and Lord of all creation.  He died as Lord of heaven to live as Jesus of Nazareth that He might be raised to Lord of heaven.  Since He was God Almighty before and God Almighty afterward it didn’t change life much for Him, but it sure changed life for us!  Because of what He did everyone is going to heaven.  Nevertheless, we must live holy, else we bring judgment upon ourselves between now and then.

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