God Clothed Himself with Christ

God clothed Himself with Christ that He might walk among us – that He might walk a mile in our shoes, as it were.

God’s spirit was hidden in Jesus of Nazareth.  Said another way, Jesus of Nazareth was animated by the spirit that is God.

A human being is the union of a spirit and a body, the result of which is a soul.

Our bodies clothe our spirits – even from ourselves.  For what human can distinguish between spirit and soul?

In the case of Jesus of Nazareth, the spirit was the spirit of Him who had made heaven and earth.  We could not see His spirit just as no human can see the spirit of another human.  Yet, His behavior was entirely distinctive.  And His resurrection from the dead to an indestructible life added indelibly to that distinction.

Finally, in the revelation of Jesus Christ, we see that He was…and is…God.

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