Names of the Lord: Jesus Is the Lawgiver

The apostle James (James 4:12) and the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 33:22) both referred to the Lawgiver.  “Lawgiver” is a name of the Lord.

Jesus is the Lawgiver – our only Lawgiver.  When we view Jesus as our example and forerunner, we should imitate Him.  When we view Him as our Lawgiver, however, we should only obey Him.  It is not our role to give laws to others.

The Lawgiver says that we should love one another – that we should seek the good of others instead of seeking our own good.  Let’s be law-abiding citizens in His kingdom.

Honor the Lawgiver and demonstrate the goodness of His laws by their effect on our lives when we obey them.

Call on His Name

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