Names of the Lord: Jesus Is the Author of Salvation

In Hebrews 2:10 Jesus is called “the author” of our salvation.  Another English translation says “leader.”  Yet another says “pioneer.”  The King James Version says “captain.”  Other versions say “source,” “founder,” and “prince leader.”  You get the idea.

Jesus created our salvation.  He designed it.  He carved out its path for us.  He Himself walked that path before us.  (For this reason, the book of Hebrews itself also calls Him our “forerunner” and the “author and perfecter of faith“).

Our salvation did not exist before He came to flesh it out for us (John 1:14).  For this reason He is also called “the Beginning of the Creation of God.”

Note that Jesus didn’t merely design and create our salvation from afar – He also came and lived it Himself.  Thus He pioneered it, having taken all the arrows that come to anyone who dares to live a new kind of life that no one has ever lived before.

He is indeed the author of our salvation.  He wrote the book on it.  We can follow His example without reservation.

What, however, is salvation?  It’s a Salvation of the Soul…Not Circumstances

Call on His Name

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