If We Acted Before a Disaster Like We Act After a Disaster Maybe There Wouldn’t Be as Many Disasters

A disaster brings out compassion in the human heart.  People look for ways to help victims of disasters.  This is a wonderful sight – people helping each other.

If people showed this same sort of compassion on an everyday basis and weren’t so selfish, there wouldn’t be as much sinning which, of course, is what gives invitation to disasters in the first place.

I hasten to add that I am not saying that people who are victims of disasters are worse sinners than the rest of us.  I’m only saying that sin is the originating cause of anything that goes wrong in life.  God keeps the details of personal justice sorted out and we are not always privy to them.  We can know, however, that we only help ourselves when we stop sinning and live for love’s sake.  And we only invite judgment when we continually ignore God’s desire that we live moral lives as our service to Him and each other.

Judgment Is Upon Us

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