An Open Letter to James Dobson

Dr. Dobson,

I think the phrase “focus on the family” is a word from God.  I think it has been ever since the beginning when you gave your ministry this name.

This is what the prophet Malachi said would be the watchword of the day of the Lord.  We live in the day of the Lord and it is obvious that the world is not focused on the family.  Rather, it is focused on self.

I pray that all of us who speak in the name of Jesus Christ may focus on the family – just as John the Baptist did, just as Jesus did, and just as His apostles did.  It is not by change of national government that the kingdom of God comes but rather by the changing of individual human hearts.  Since life is lived in the family, that is where we must focus.

As you know, Jesus said “a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household,” and He also said, “Love your enemies.”  This is the way life must be lived if it is eternal life we seek to experience.

Your call to “focus on the family” has been polluted with many other interests.  You seem to have been distracted by business and political concerns.  I pray that your message might be purified so that God’s will might be more clearly understood by people at large.  People need the good news of Jesus Christ if they are ever to break the cycle of sin and destruction.

Please consider these truths, especially with regard to practicing them in the context of family:

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Michael Gantt

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