Trinitarians, You’ve Buried the Lead!

Newspaper reporters are taught to write their stories with the most important facts in the headline and the first paragraph.  Each succeeding paragraph should provide details, but in decreasing order of importance.  The end result, of course, is that the more important the information, the closer it is the top of the story, and, conversely, the less important the information, the closer it is to the end of the story.

When writers violate this journalistic practice, they are often said to be “burying the lead.”  That is, they have failed to put the most important information at the beginning of the article.

Trinitarians have made this mistake on the most important news story of all history.  That is, they have buried the lead that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh.  Jesus was God visiting humanity in human form.  He was God passing our way, living life as we do, and demonstrating in the process how we ought to be living.

Generally, Trinitarians believe this key fact but they have buried it in a vague and illogical conception they call the trinity:  that is, “three persons in one being,” of which Jesus is “the second person” (effectively “burying” Him in the concept).

The “trinity” does not deserve to be the headline.  More importantly, it doesn’t deserve to be in the story at all because it is not a fact.  Rather, it is a man-made philosophical construction that cannot be found in the Scriptures.  What is the lead is that God spent a lifetime in our midst through Jesus Christ!  It was a lifetime cut short, but He was raised from the dead to the greatest of glory.  Thus, Jesus Christ is God – now and forevermore!

Cast aside the concept of trinity as you would a false idol.  Embrace Jesus Christ – our only Lord, God, and Savior!  Call on His name and live for Him as morally as you know how.

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