The Increasing Popularity of Halloween Is Not a Good Sign

Amity Schlaes recently wrote Halloween’s Pagan Themes Fill West’s Faith Vacuum for Bloomberg View.  She begins by citing a National Retail Federation Report which says that while last year 6 out of 10 Americans celebrated Halloween, this year it will be 7 out of 10.  Total outlays by consumers are expected to approach $7B.  This averages out to $72 per person.  Count me in the 3 of 10.

What is there about Halloween worth celebrating?  Visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films?  And these are some of the less offensive concepts that are now associated with October 31st.

What’s really become disturbing in recent years is the enthusiasm that adults show for Halloween!  (Maybe “adult” is a misnomer in this regard.)  Do adults who want to party not already have enough opportunities?

There are those who try to soften the impact of this negative evening by hosting “harvest festivals” that are well-lit and supplied with more wholesome treats than sugar candy.  However, an even better course is to simply refuse to celebrate such a morally bankrupt holiday.  Adults should be setting good examples for children, not acting childish.  Our nation will be on a better course when its holidays support more morally uplifting themes.

Jesus Christ is always worth celebrating.  If we wish to give food away, He has reminded us that we always have the poor.

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