Herman Cain and His Accusers

This is not a political blog or a political post.  It has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, for Cain or against him, or for his accusers or against them.

Both Herman Cain and his accusers say they are telling the truth.  Obviously both cannot be telling the truth.  While some aspects of the various stories might be reconciled, allowing for different perspectives on the same events, there is no way to reconcile all of the conflicting assertions.  Therefore, someone is lying.

Lying has such a corrosive, toxic, and destructive effect on life.  We hate it.  We hate it most when we’re not sure who’s doing it.  Some people have decided that Cain is lying, some people have decided that the accusers are lying, and some people haven’t decided yet.  It’s that last group that is feeling the most discomfort – at least the former two groups have resolved some tension, even though they still hate the lying and its negative effects.

All this demonstrates, by contrast, the surpassing value of knowing Jesus Christ our Lord.  He never lies.  Every word He utters is truth.  It is hard to estimate the value of knowing that there is someone in this life who will never lie to you.

In life, even the fear of a lie has a negative effect on us.  Therefore, with Christ, we are completely liberated from even the possibility of a lie.  How unspeakably wonderful!

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