Another Sad Development in the Penn State Child Abuse Case

After writing about a silver lining of encouragement in this cloud of a story, we are now confronted with yet another darkening of the cloud. ¬†I’m speaking of the Penn State students who rallied in support of Joe Paterno at his home last night.

More appropriate than a raucous rally for Paterno would have been a vigil for the victims.

Even if you accept Joe Paterno’s account that he did not know the gruesome details of what was reported to him in 2002, and even if you then apply the most charitable explanation possible to his motives and actions, your mind still should be more on supporting the victims than on supporting Joe or anyone else involved.

Has our culture become so coarse that people will be more concerned about the glory of sports than the violation of innocent children?

Let us repent and turn to our Lord Jesus Christ who can forgive us, cleanse us from these terrible stains, and show us a purer way to live this life.

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