“It’s Not the Crime – It’s the Cover-Up” and How This Applies to God and Us

Since the Watergate scandal of the 1970’s it has become common for people to say in similar situations, “It’s not so much the crime that gets you into trouble – rather it’s all that you do in trying to keep the crime from coming to light that gets you into trouble.”

We can actually see this dynamic at work in many of our own lives.  We sin, but rather than acknowledge that fact to a holy and all-present God we act like we’ve done nothing wrong in His sight.  Because we are unwilling to confess our sin to Him, we lose the light we have and take a step closer to darkness – the light being the knowledge or knowing of Him and the darkness being the ignorance or ignoring of Him.  Before long, we’re acting as if He’s not even in the room.

We can only walk in the full light of Christ’s loving presence as we acknowledge our sins.  Therefore, it’s not so much the sin that keeps at bay God’s blessings, it’s the hiding of the sin and the failure to repent of it that deprives us of the greater good God would give us.

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