The Penn State Child Abuse Scandal…and How It Foreshadows Judgments to Come

Before last week, the public could not have predicted how the mighty would fall at Penn State University as they did this week.  The university’s president, head of business affairs, athletic director, and head football coach are all out of jobs and the children who were victimized are finally getting some long-overdue attention.

Jesus described a similar dramatic change in the order of things with his story about a poor Lazarus and the rich man experiencing afterlife in Luke 16.

These stories demonstrate the way that the judgments of God work: He brings to light things hidden in the darkness, and, in so doing, often turns our understanding upside down.  Everyone is going to heaven, but judgment is upon us – both here and there.  Many who are first here, will be last there – and vice versa.  In the afterlife, we will learn that many things we are honoring here are not worth honoring.

It surprises me that so many people conceive of heaven simply as a place of undifferentiated bliss, as if we will all be in some trance-like euphoria for all eternity, with that being all there is to it.  Heaven is indeed a wonderful place, but it is also a place for sorting out truth and making things right that were not fully made right here on earth.  Are you prepared?

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