Names of the Lord: Jesus Is the Lifeline

A lifeline is important – to say the least.

If you are a deep-sea diver, a lifeline is your guarantee of not being separated from your ship.  Therefore, in any situation where an individual or a group faces the risk of separation from its essential source of supply, the metaphor of a lifeline applies to whatever keeps you connected.

Jesus is the lifeline for us.  When sin threatens to separate us from God, the forgiveness we find in Christ gives us the strength to break free from sin and hold fast to God.

When we face questions in life for which we have no answers, Jesus is our answer.  As He endured all things, so we can endure all things.  Live not for your pleasure, but rather live for His pleasure.

He is always accessible to you through His name.  He notices every time His name is called.  He is not deaf.  Call on His name and know that He hears.

Call on His Name:  He is the Lifeline.

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