How Much of the Word of God Is Making Its Way into Our Everyday Speech?

The King James Bible brought the word of God to the English masses – and it affected the way they communicated.  That is, biblical allusions became commonplace in speaking and writing, where they were not before.  (For more see The Word of God Is Closer to Us Than We Realize.)

Thus we have inherited an English literature and language seasoned with references to the word of God.  Now, consider how little of modern-day culture makes reference to the Bible, its narratives or its aphorisms.  We are surely passing on to future generations less of an inheritance than we ourselves received.  This is not right.

We should be enriching our speech with the word of God, not depleting it.

Do you think you do not have the right or responsibility to speak the word of God?  Consider:  The Bible Does Not Belong to Christians and Jews Only

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