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I’ve spent some time recently commenting on a recent post at Debunking Christianity (the John Loftus site).  If anyone there wants to continue the questioning, here’s a place for you to start.  You’re also welcome to challenge any post on any of my blogs.  I’m not here to defend Christianity but I am intensely interested in defending Christ.

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  1. Mike: you said on a post on Debunking Christianity today…”sin has made the world the cruel place that it is”. but God made the world the way it is with all its cruelty, death and disease. so why did he do this? Tom

    1. Hi Mike: Thanks for your reply. Am I correct in believing that you acknowledge that God deliberately made this cruel world, with all its death and disease? Tom

      1. I’d put it this way, Tom: God deliberately made this world as the means of our deliverance from evil. We’re all going to heaven. Everything that happens on this earth is temporary, while goodness is eternal. Our proper response to God therefore is to acknowledge Christ in all our ways and seek to live as selflessly as He did. For the more closely we walk with God down here, the more closely we will walk with Him in heaven.

  2. Mike please have a look at what Jaco Gericke has to say on this matter of Yahweh at http://upetd.up.ac.za/thesis/available/etd-03192004-135203/

    “Does Yahweh exist? What is the ontological status of Yahweh-as-depicted in the Old Testament texts? Is the deity merely a character of fiction or does He also exist in extra-textual reality?
    According to the viewpoint of the devil’s advocate whose perspective on the issue is articulated in this thesis, the answer to the question is simply, no – Yahweh does not exist. He may seem real to those who believe in him and in the world of the text but he has no extra-textual and extra-psychical counterpart.

    To prove such a controversial claim, the philosophy of religion has been utilised as auxiliary discipline within Old Testament studies in the form of philosophicalcritical analysis (philosophical criticism / philosophy of Old Testament religion). A devil’s advocate’s case against realism in Old Testament theology has been reconstructed in the form of seven arguments against the existence of Yahweh.”

  3. Arthur,

    Per your request, I took a look at Jaco’s thesis. However, I couldn’t even get through his abstract. Why not? Well, it was too…er, abstract.

    I am not an intellectual. Jaco is employing terms from disciplines with which I am not familiar, including philosophy, philosophicalcritical analysis, cosmography – just to mention a few (I have trouble even spelling some of these words). If you want to find a rebuttal to Jaco, you’ll need to find someone who speaks his language. That shouldn’t be hard. I googled and this one popped up (I don’t understand it either because it uses a lot of the same vocabulary, but I guess you and Jaco can engage with it). I’m sure there are others out there.

    Jesus believed in Yahweh and I have the utmost confidence in Jesus’ judgment. In fact, as Jesus believed in Yahweh so we can believe in Jesus.

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