Answers for “Zach” of “Debunking Christianity” – 2

[This response is to a comment made by “Zach” at this point on a post at Debunking Christianity.  (I answered Zach in a previous post as well.)]

Zach:  If you think there is one central message to the bible than you are the one denying the obvious and you have exposed you personal bias and laziness. Study more about the numerous interpretations of the bible than come back to me. 

Mike Gantt:  The central message of the Bible is Jesus Christ.  See John 5:39.  See also Luke 24:27 and 44.  And John 1:45.  All other messages of the Bible are subordinate to this truth and supportive of it as well.

It took me many years of study to fully realize this…but you and others don’t have to take so long.

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