Dialogue with James, aka Annoyed Pinoy (re: Second Coming)

James (Annoyed Pinoy) and I have been having a conversation about the Trinity.  At this point in the conversation, James raised the ideas of human afterlife and the Second Coming of Christ.  This post will be dedicated to having that conversation about the Second Coming (or, as James called it, the “apocatastasis,” meaning roughly, “the restoration” as in Acts 3:21).  [To follow our other conversation which is about the afterlife (or as James describes the topic “universalism”) see this post.]

James:  Btw, someday we can discuss the issue of universalism/apocatastasis.

Mike:  That everyone is going to heaven is tied to the fact that the Second Coming was fait accompli in the late 1st Century AD.  If the Second Coming has yet to occur, then no one is ascending into heaven and everyone is still descending to Sheol (Hades) as taught in the Old Testament.  For more on the Second Coming see

Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again (one page)

Whatever Became of Jesus Christ? (a book – it’s the biblical case for the accomplished Second Coming)

James:  What your version of it is. Whether it includes a time of purging/purification of and from sin or not.

The time of purging from sin is right now.  We should be repenting before God daily – living lives of repentance.  He is holy, and He means to make us so as well.  We can only be cleansed as we look to the Lamb of God continuously and live for His glory.

I hope you will read this one page:  Practicing the Presence of Christ.  Or even this one page: It’s a Salvation of the Soul…Not Circumstances.

It’s your turn, James, whenever you’re ready.

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