Dialogue with TeamPryo (re: Christian Celebrities)

Pryomaniacs is a Christian blog produced by a group of writers including Phil Johnson, Dan Phillips, and Frank Turk – referred to as “TeamPyro.”  I commented on a recent post there titled Open Letter to John MacArthur.

To give some context, Phil Johnson “has been closely associated with John MacArthur since 1981 and edits most of MacArthur’s major books” (this according to the site itself).    Frank Turk was the one who wrote this particular post.  I should also say that I myself wrote an open letter to John MacArthur a few months ago.

The point of my initial comment on the post in question was to take issue with the culture of celebrity in modern-day American Christianity which was exhibited by Frank in the opening paragraphs of the post.  A raucous dialogue ensued as my point was roundly dismissed by numerous people – most of them insisting that this post was merely an expression of gratitude and included no element of ascribing celebrity to John, no hero-worship, no star treatment, or anything of the sort.

I’ll leave it to you to judge for yourself.  I hope you’ll also read Spiritual Christianity Versus Social Christianity.


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