William Lane Craig on Having a Vision for Your Life

In this chapel service, William Lane Craig talks about having a vision for one’s life.  He uses his own personal testimony to demonstrate the faithfulness of God.  He encourages the students who comprise his audience to “Ask God to give you a vision for your life – a passion or goal to accomplish for Him.”

Craig describes each step of his academic career:  at Wheaton College he decided to seek an intellectual defense of the gospel which took him to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, at Trinity he decided to seek a philosophical approach to defending the gospel which took him to the University of Birmingham in the U.K., at Birmingham he decided to seek an historical argument for the resurrection of Christ to defend the gospel which took him to the University of Munich in Germany.  Each step of his career built upon the previous, and all added up to an outworking of his initial and lifelong commitment to give his life to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The brief introduction of Dr. Craig at the beginning is given by his son John.


Other quotes of Craig taken from this address (perhaps not verbatim, but very close):

“I had spent six months [as a teenager] thinking about [the Christian message] and so realized that if this were really the truth then I could do nothing less than devote my entire life to sharing this message.  And so my call to full-time ministry was simultaneous to my conversion.  In that moment I knew that I had to preach the gospel – I had to become an evangelist.”

“Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to accomplish for Him [with my life]?'”

“My wife Jan asked me, ‘If money were no object, what would you really like to do?’  [We encourage you to ask yourselves the same thing.]”

For more from Craig, see my post Frank Turek Debriefs William Lane Craig About His UK Speaking Tour.  You can also search this site for “william lane craig.”  Lastly, you can go to the Dr. Craig Video Channel on YouTube.

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