Rick Warren Launches “40 Days in the Word” to Combat Bible Illiteracy

Rick Warren has organized a campaign to improve biblical literacy called “40 Days in the Word.”

Here’s an excerpt from a Christian Post article about this campaign:

The 40 Days in the Word campaign was launched out of Warren’s conviction that many Americans are biblically illiterate.

“They just don’t know the Word of God … Our parents’ generation knew the Word of God pretty well. My generation knew a little bit. The next generation knows none of it,” he said in December.

Here is the complete article from Christian Post.

Here is the official web site of the campaign.

There is no doubt that knowledge of the Scriptures has declined greatly.  Classic literature contained many quotes of and allusions to the Bible.  Today’s literature contains quotes of and allusions to movies and television shows.  The moral pulse of our national conversation has deteriorated commensurately.

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